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Add a Favicon

Add a Favicon By: Sara Goss

The file will need to be converted to a .ico file and named favicon.ico You can do a Google search for ‘favicon generator and choose a third-party favicon generator that will convert the image file to a .ico file.

Here's how you add a favicon.

  1. In Site Manager, upload the favicon.ico file to the top level Files & Folders (Files & Folders at the district level). 
  2. In Files & Folders, click More to the right of the file you uploaded and select Get Link.
  3. Copy the full link. 
  4. In Site Manager, navigate to Configure, select System Settings then the Template tab and copy the following into the ‘Head Content’ area: <link rel="shortcut icon" href='full link you copied from Files & Folders here with the initial http: removed'>

  5. An example of the href might be href='//www.abc.org/cms/linx/Centricity/Domain/1/favicon.ico'
  6. Click Save.