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Decline a Suggested PassKey

Decline a Suggested PassKey By: Sara Goss

Here’s how you decline a suggested PassKey.

  1. In Site Manager, expand CONFIGURE.
  2. Click PassKeys. The PassKeys tab of the PassKey Workspace displays.
  3. Navigate to the Suggestions tab.
  4. Click Decline to right of the suggested PassKey. An email window opens. 
  5. The option to move that PassKey to the blocked list is selected. If you move a suggested PassKey to the blocked list, you will not receive any further suggestions for that PassKey. Deselect Move suggestion to the blocked list if desired.
  6. Edit the email as required. We recommend you provide registered users with the reason for declining or declining and blocking a suggested PassKey.
  7. Click Send. The email is sent to the registered user who suggested the PassKey. If you selected to block the PassKey, it displays on the Blocked List tab.