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Calendar Glossary

Calendar Glossary By: Chris Gallagher

CSV File: Comma Separated Value File. When working with a PC, save as CSV comma delimited. When working with Macs, save as the Windows CSV file format.

Collections: Groups of calendars with which you can share your calendar event. In some instances, the sharing of events with other calendars requires approval while in other circumstances, the event is automatically published on calendars in the collection.  

E-Alert: Communication (Content E-Alert) that can be sent to subscribers of workspaces.

Event Categories: Event Categories allow color-coding of your events, and they are used to filter events. The master list of categories from which you can choose is maintained in the Configure area.

Event Queue: Other calendars can request permission to post events to your calendar. Events waiting your approval reside in your Event Queue.

Mandatory Event: A mandatory event is an event that has been pushed to every calendar in the website by the district (or top level) calendar editor. Mandatory events can only be created in the district (or top level) calendar.

Recurrence Pattern: The interval at which you want the event to recur: Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly. Each interval has it's own set of adjustable options.

Recurrence Range: The number of occurrences after which a recurring event ends, or the end date of a recurring event.

Recurring Event: An event that will occur on more than one occasion.

Recurring Register-able Event: A recurring event that requires registration for each instance.

Registered Event: An event for which users may register.

Roster: Rosters are lists of registered users who have signed up for registered events on your calendar. Each registered event has its own roster. All event rosters for a given calendar can be found in the Rosters tab of your calendar app.

Schedule Star: A third party web-based athletics scheduling tool also referred to as highschoolsports.net.

Upcoming Events: An optional template app that displays upcoming events on a homepage or a page in a section.

Viewers: Users or groups who are able to view end user content. By default content is viewable by all end users. To limit viewing to a specific set of people add users or groups in the Viewers tab.