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Import Calendar Events

Import Calendar Events By: Ben Norman
  1. Navigate and open the applicable Site, Subsite, Channel, or Section Calendar.App.
  2. Click Import Events tab.  The Import Events button displays on the Import Events tab.
  3. Click Import Events. The Select Your File window displays.
  4. Click Browse. TheChoose File to Upload window displays.
  5. Browse out and select your calendar event import file.  
  6. Click Open. The Select Your File window displays with the file name populated.
  7. Click Next. The Match Field Mappings window displays.
  8. Match the Calendar Field to the Map to CSV File Field in the drop-down list.
  9. Click Next. The Preview Your Events window displays.  Apply settings as desired.
  10. Click Next. The Assign Viewing Rights window displays.
  11. By default, all users can see the events you import. To limit who can view the events on your import file, assign Viewing Rights to Groups of Users as well as to Individual Users.  
  12. Click Import. The import file displays below the Import Events button on the Import Events tab.