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Activate Schedule Star Integration for Your Website

Activate Schedule Star Integration for Your Website By: Chris Gallagher

Schedule Star is a sports scheduling software used by high school athletic directors. If your school has a Schedule Star account, you can  activate the integration of Schedule Star events for the your website. This enables editors to import events from Schedule Star into their Calendar apps.

Here's how you allow Schedule Star integration for your district's website.

  1. Expand the CONFIGURE menu in the Content Browser.
  2. Click System Settings. The Settings Workspace displays.
  3. Select the Integration tab.
  4. Scroll down to Schedule Star Integration item.
  5. Click the radio button to the left of  Active.
  6. Click Save. A Schedule Star check box will now display in App Options on every calendar app, allowing editors to import the events to their calendars.

Note: To activate Schedule Star integration, contact Schedule Star at 800-258-8550 and grant Blackboard Web Community Manager permission to pull athletic events into your calendars. The integration will not work until permission has been granted.