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Section Summary Tab

Section Summary Tab By: Chris Gallagher

From the Summary tab in your Section you can:

  • New Page Button:  Adding new pages to your Section.  Library of Standard Page Types display.
  • Status Button:  Click to change a page status from Active to Inactive and vice versa.  A page must be Active to be viewable. 
  • Organize Pages:  Pages can be ordered either alphabetically or customized.  Pages can also be 'nested' under other pages.
  • Recycle Bin:  Receptacle for deleted pages.  Pages can be restored or permanently deleted from here.
  • Action Button:  Edit page design, change or apply page options, get the page URL, copy, move or delete a page, and control viewing rights to a page.
  • Common Tools:  Provides quick and easy access to commonly accessed menus located on the Tools tab.
  • Pending Comments: Provides quick access to comments awaiting approval.
  • Total Visits: Provides at-a-glance visit statistics for the page.