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Modify Page Options

Modify Page Options By: Chris Gallagher

Here's how to modify page options.

  1. Sign-in and navigate to the Section Workspace.
  2. Click on Actions to the right of the page.  A drop-down list displays.
  3. Select Page Options. The Page Options dialog displays.
  4. The General tab allows you to:
    • Change the page name.
    • Hide this page from website navigation.
    • Always show pages nested under this page.
    • Show bullet image next to this page.
    • Map this page to another web address.
  5. Select the Display Duration tab to set the period of time a page will display on the end-user website.
  6. Click the Background Image tab to insert and position a background image.
  7. Select the Advanced tab to:
    1. Permit visitors to view the page faster by accessing an already saved version by enabling caching of the page.
    2. Apply Meta Data (Description and Keywords) to you page.
  8. Click Save. The Summary tab of the Section Workspace displays.