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Map a Page to a File

Map a Page to a File By: Vicki Jacobs

Here's how you map a page to a file.

  1. Sign-in and navigate to the Section Workspace.
  2. Click the Tools tab.
  3. Click Files and Folders.  The Files & Folders window displays.
  4. Click Upload. The Upload File dialog displays.
  5. Click Browse. The Select File to Upload dialog displays.
  6. Browse to your file and select it.
  7. Click Open. The Upload Files dialog displays.
  8. Click Upload.  The Files and Folders window displays with the uploaded file.
  9. Click More button.  A drop-down list displays
  10. Choose Get LinkThe Get Web Address dialog displays.
  11. Highlight and copy either the Full Web Address or the Relative Web Address.
  12. Click Close.  The Files & Folders window displays.
  13. Close theFiles & Folders window.
  14. Click Summary tab in Section Workspace. The Pages tab display.
  15. Click Actions button of the page .  A drop-down list displays.
  16. Choose Set Options.  The Page Options dialog opens. 
  17. Paste the copied web address into theMap Page to Web Address field. 
  18. Add "target=_blank" to the end of the web address to ensure the document opens in a new window.
  19. Click Save. The page appears in the summary tab and is annotated with a blue arrow signifying that it is mapped to another destination.  

Note: "target=_blank" will not appear in the Map Page to Web Address field when you return to the Page Options screen. The system will still know to open the URL in a new window.