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Add a Registered Event

Add a Registered Event By: Chris Gallagher

The Registration tab will let you set up an event that users can register for, while tracking attendees and their responses to custom questions.

  1. Navigate to the appropriate Calendar.
  2. At the time of adding the event to the calendar, click on the Registration tab.
  3. Check Turn on registration for this event.  Registration options display.
    1. Enter a maximum number of seats
    2. Enter the last day to register 
  4. To include Registration Questions:
    1. Choose options from the dropdown list:
      • Custom Question permits you to create your own question.  If this option is chosen, enter the question and then assign the format of the question; open or choice.
      • Special Accommodations & Dietary Needs provides the registrant with a comment box to detail these requirements.
  5. Click Add Question. The question type added displays under Add Question button.
  6. Click Contact tab.A window displays
  7. Enter details for the contact person in the Contact Name and Email fields.
  8. Click Save. The Calendar displays with the Registered Event appearing on the designate date with a check mark
  9. A list of registrants to the event is available under the Rosters tab.