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Post an Assignment on your Calendar

Post an Assignment on your Calendar By: Chris Gallagher

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When using the Assignments App, assignments can be simultaneously posted on your Calendar App according to the Due Date of the assignment.  The Calendar Event will also display the assignment details. 

  1. In Site Manager, navigate to and open the Assignments App.
  2. Click the Post to Calendar tab. The Add to Calendar dialog displays.
  3. Check the Add to Calendar checkbox. Calendar and Calendar Category drown-down lists display.  
  4. Choose the Calendar from the drop-down list of the workspace calendars.
  5. Choose a Calendar Category to be assigned to the event. 
  6. Click Save. The Assignment App displays.
  7. The Assignment appears on the Calendar according to the assignment Due Date.

Tips: If the assignment Due Date changes, editing the date on the General tab amends the date on the Calendar.