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Manage Event Categories

Manage Event Categories By: Ben Norman

You can customize which categories display on your Calendar app's Event Category drop-down.

  1. Open the Calendar App.
  2. Click the Event Categories tab.
  3. Deleting Categories:
    1. Click Remove button that corresponds to the category you wish to delete.  A confirmation window displays.
    2. Click Yes.  Remaining Event Categories display.
  4. Adding Categories:
    1. Click Select Categories. The Add Event Category window displays.
    2. Search for an Event Category either by:
      1. by entering some or all of its name into the Search field. If the category exists, it will appear; or
      2. scrolling through all available Categories by using the scroll bar on the right side of the window.
    3. To select a Category, click the box next to the Category name.
    4. Click Add. The Event Categories tab displays revealing all the Categories including the recently selected Category.