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Moderate Community Editing on an App

Moderate Community Editing on an App By: Chris Gallagher

Community Editing is a feature that enables specific users to contribute content to your App.  Users need to sign-in to be able to contribute and only after approval of the content has been granted will it appear on the end-user website. 

To moderate Community Editing, simply:

  1. In Site Manager, navigate to the appropriate Workspace.
  2. Click Tools tab. The workspace menu of tools displays.
  3. Click Approve Community Editing. The Approve Community Editing window displays.
  4. From the drop-down menus, filter community edits by Pages and Apps.
  5. Select an Action.
    • Click View.  The View Posting window displays.
    • Click Approve.  A confirmation window displays.  If  'Yes,' the edit posts to the end-user website.
    • Click Decline. A confirmation window displays.  If "Yes' the edit is removed.
  6. Click I'm Done.  The menu of tools display on the Tools tab.