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Rename a Subfolder in Files & Folders

Rename a Subfolder in Files & Folders By: Chris Gallagher

Each Site, Subsite, Channel, and Section Workspace has access to its own Files & Folders where documents and images can be uploaded and stored.  

Here's how you rename a Subfolder in Files & Folders.

  1. Navigate to the appropriate Files & Folders Workspace.
  2. Select the Subfolder you wish to rename.
  3. Click Folder Actions.  A drop-down list displays.
  4. Select Rename Folder.  The Rename Folder dialog displays.
  5. Rename the Subfolder as desired.
  6. Click Save. The Subfolder is renamed.

Note: If links have been established to the documents or images in the subfolder, these links will need to be re-established after renaming the subfolder.