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Delete a File in Files & Folders

Delete a File in Files & Folders By: Sara Goss

Here’s how you delete a file in Files & Folders. 

  1. In Site Manager, navigate to the Workspace containing the file you wish to delete. 
  2. Click the Tools tab. A menu of tools displays. 
  3. Click Files & Folders. The Files & Folders window displays. 
  4. If necessary, navigate to the subfolder that contains the file. 
  5. Click More to the right of the file and select Delete. A confirmation window displays. 
  6. Click Yes. The file is deleted. 

When you want to completely remove a file from your website, you will need to delete it from your Files & Folders. Deleting the section or page containing the file does not delete it from Files & Folders. If links had been established to the file, they will be broken once the file is deleted.