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Files & Folders FAQs

Files & Folders FAQs By: David Thompson

What is Files & Folders?

Files & Folders is a designated area for uploading and storing files.

How many Files & Folders areas can I have?

Each Site, Channel, & Section Workspace is limited to having one dedication Files & Folders area.

Am I limited in the number of Subfolders I can create or Files I can upload?

There is no limitation as to the number of Subfolders you have or the number of Files you can upload.

What is the Shared Library folder?

The Shared Library is a folder which all editors are able to access. Only the Site Director, however, is permitted to add content to this folder.

Do I have to upload my files to Files & Folders in advance of me creating links to them?

It is not necessary to upload files in order to create links, as a copy of the linked file will automatically be placed in your Files & Folders. However, creating subfolders and uploading files to them in advance will avoid the need to re-establish links should you later decide to organize your files into subfolders.

Am I restricted to uploading Files individually?

Multiple files can be selected to be uploaded simultaneously. For PC users, holding the Ctrl Key permits you to pick and choose multiple files to upload. For Mac users, using the Command Key does the same. Using the Shift Key permits you to choose multiple files in a list.

Can I download files to my desktop from Files & Folders?

Yes. Left click on the file name and save the file to your workstation.