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Configure Gaggle

Configure Gaggle By: Michael Kuzniar

Gaggle must be activated for your site by Schoolwires. Once activated, follow these steps to configure Gaggle.

  1. Modify your template and add the ActiveBlock [$gaggleconnector$] to the Homepage Workspace. Save and publish your template.
  2. Modify your System Settings (Configure/System Settings) and update the Gaggle Connector Settings.
    • District ID: Enter your District ID that was provided to you by Gaggle.
    • District Password: Enter your District Password that was provided to you by Gaggle.
    • Authentication Type: Select either the Use Gaggle's User ID or the Use Gaggle's User Name radio button option. Note that the preferred option is the Use Gaggle's User ID option.
  3. Modify user accounts and update the Gaggle ID field located on the Advanced tab of the Edit User dialog for each Gaggle user. Enter either the District ID or an Email Address for the user, depending upon what Authentication Type you selected when you configured your System Settings.
    • You can update each user account individually.
    • You can map the Gaggle ID field when adding new users with Import Users.
    • You can map the Gaggle ID field when updating existing user information with Update Users.