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Send a Content E-Alert

Send a Content E-Alert By: Michael Kuzniar

Directors and Editors can send Content E-Alerts to any registered users who have subscribed to their workspace. Content E-Alerts are a great way to share updated content with your subscribers.

Here's how you send a Content E-Alert.

  1. In Site Manager, navigate to a workspace and add a new app or edit an existing one.
  2. Edit and save your changes.
  3. Click Create E-Alert, located on the main page of the app (e.g., Photo Gallery App) or within the individual records of an app (e.g., Announcement app or File Library App). The Send a Content E-Alert dialog displays. If necessary, edit the Sender Name, Sender Email, Subject, and Body.
  4. Click Send.

All of your subscribers will receive an Email containing a direct link to the new content.

Note: The following apps allow for Content E-Alerts to be sent to subscribers: Alumni Directory, Announcements, Article Library, Assignment, Blog, Book List, Calendar, Discussion, File Library, Headlines & Features, Link Library, Maps & Directions, MiniBase, Photo Gallery, Podcast, Q & A and Site Shortcuts.