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Create a File Link Field in a Custom View MiniBase

Create a File Link Field in a Custom View MiniBase By: Michael Kuzniar

To create a file link field in your custom view MiniBase, you will need to create a field called File. You will then need to upload your files into the workspace Files & Folders and use the Get Link option under the More dropdown for those files. The link will need to be pasted into the appropriate file field for each record. 

Here’s how to create a file link field. 

  1. In Site Manager, navigate to the workspace in which the MiniBase is located. 
  2. Navigate to the Tools tab and click Files & Folders
  3. Upload the files you wish to link. 
  4. Locate the link for each file by clicking the More drop-down to the right of the file and select Get Link.  
  5. Copy the Full Web Address and paste the links for each file in the File Link field in the appropriate record in your MiniBase App. 
  6. Edit the MiniBase App. 
  7. Click Options
  8. Navigate to the Custom View tab. 
  9. Click the arrow to expand the Header. 
  10. Insert a table with one row and enter your MiniBase field names in each cell across. 
  11. Click the arrow to expand the Details. 
  12. Insert a table with one row and the same number of columns as the table in the Header. 
  13. In all cells insert the field number for appropriate field by clicking the Insert MiniBase Field icon and selecting the field.  
  14. In the File Link cell, type the word Download after the field name and highlight it. 
  15. Click the Insert Link icon. The Insert Link wizard displays. 
  16. Choose to insert a Web Address. 
  17. In the Web Address field type FILE. 
  18. Choose a target for your link. 
  19. Click Insert Link
  20. Navigate to HTML view. 
  21. In the Link cell, delete the http://FILE and replace it with the field number for that field. 
  22. Click Normal to return to the previous view. 
  23. Click Save.

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