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Use Page Tasks on the Actions Drop-Down List

Use Page Tasks on the Actions Drop-Down List By: Michael Kuzniar

The Actions Drop-Down List includes additional actions.

  • Edit Page: Takes you to the Page Details window for the page. In this window, you can add apps, edit apps, remove apps, change the page layout, and see Page Statistics.
  • Page Options: Allows you to edit the page options. For example, here you can modify display durations, change the page name, and enable caching for the page.
  • Get Link: Allows you to obtain the full and relative web addresses for the page.
  • Copy Page: Allows you to copy the page within the section.
  • Move Page: Allows you to move a page to another section for which you are a Section Editor. Note that if you use Move page within one section, the results are the same as Copy Page.
  • Delete Page: Removes the page from the section and stores it in the Recycle Bin. From within the Recycle Bin, you may restore or permanently delete the page.
  • Set Viewers: Allows you to set which registered users may view the page.