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Link to a Bookmark on Another Page

Link to a Bookmark on Another Page By: Vicki Jacobs

Here's how you link to a bookmark on another page. Note that it could be a page in another subsite or section.

  1. In Site Manager, navigate to the appropriate Section Workspace.
  2. Click the Actions drop-down to the right of page where you added a bookmark.
  3. Select Get Link.
  4. Copy the Full Web Address and click Close.
  5. Open the app where you wish to add the link to that bookmark.
  6. Highlight the text you want to use as the link and click the Insert Link icon.
  7. Select Web Address.
  8. Paste the URL you copied above in step 4.
  9. Add #bookmarkname to the end of the URL. Be sure to replace the words bookmarkname with the actual name of the bookmark you created.

Read Insert a Bookmark (Anchor) in the Schoolwires Editor to learn how to create a bookmark.