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Upload Rotating Homepage Images to a Photo Gallery

Upload Rotating Homepage Images to a Photo Gallery By: Michael Kuzniar

Here's how you upload images to the Photo Gallery app used for rotating homepage images.

  1. First, compress and size the images accordingly.
  2. In Site Manager, navigate to a Site or Subsite Workspace.  The Summary tab displays.
  3. Click Homepage.  The Homepage displays in edit mode.
  4. Add a new Photo Gallery app if necessary or edit the existing one containing the rotating images.
  5. Click Options. The Photo Gallery App Options dialog displays.
  6. Change the Gallery Type to Advanced.
  7. Click Save. The Photo Gallery app displays.
  8. Click Upload Photos.
  9. Click Browse to find and select the images you wish to upload.
  10. Click Open.  You are returned to the Upload window and you see a list of the images you selected.
  11. Click Upload.
  12. Click Publish.

The photos will display in alphabetical order. To change the order the photos appear in read How to Sort Photos in a Photo Gallery App.

Web Community Manager templates provide for the display of rotating images on homepages.  When it comes to working with digital images, it is necessary to compress these to provide for quicker load times and reduced file size.  Since the jpg (jpeg) file format is the format of choice for digital template images, there are several free online sites (such as http://www.resize.it) that provide for image compression as well as converting other image formats to jpg format.

A second issue pertaining to rotating template images is their dimensions.  The height and width for the rotating homepage images are different and dependent upon your particular template design.  For templates downloaded to your Template Library, you will find image height and width requirements for rotating images for a template below the template name in the Template Library tab. If you are working with a custom template, your would have been advised of the required image size. You can use the Creative Services Image Editor to resize your images (templatelibrary.schoolwires.net/ImageEditor).