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Delete a Calendar App from a Page

Delete a Calendar App from a Page By: Chris Gallagher

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Here's how you delete a Calendar app from a page having multiple apps.

  1. In Site Manger, navigate to the workspace and page containing the Calendar app you wish to delete.
  2. Click the Actions button to the right of the page and select Edit Page from the drop-down list. The page opens in Edit Mode.
  3. Click Manage Apps & Layout in the Actions pane. The page displays in Design Mode.
  4. Locate the Calendar app in the list and click the X in the upper right of the app name.
  5. Click Yes on the confirmation dialog.
  6. Click I'm Done. The page displays in Edit Mode.

Note that when you delete an app from a page and that app is not shared with other users, not only will the app be removed from the page, but it is permanently deleted from App Manager as well. If the app is removed from the page but it is a shared app, the app remains in App Manager on the Tools tab of the workspace local to the removed app. It also remains deployed on the shared user's pages.

If you delete an app from App Manager, the app is permanently deleted and removed from the pages of any shared user. Shared users receive an email notification that the app was deleted from their pages.