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Create a Section Configuration

Create a Section Configuration By: Ben Norman

You use a Section Configuration when creating a new section so to include a starter set of pages, making it easier to creating content. They can also be used to create a consistency between different Sections (e.g., Teacher Sections). These pages can be renamed, deleted edited as if they had been added manually to a section. 

Here's how you create a Section Configuration.

  1. In Site Manager, expand CONFIGURE in the Content Browser.
  2. Select Section Assets. The Page Types tab displays.
  3. Click the Section Configuration tab. The Section Configuration window displays.
  4. Click New Configuration. The New Section Configuration dialog displays.
  5. Enter a Name (required) and a Description (optional).
  6. Click Save. The Section Configurations window displays.
  7. Click the name of the configuration you just created. The Edit Section Configuration window displays.
  8. Click the Pages tab. The Pages tab displays.
  9. Click Add Page. The Add Page dialog displays.
  10. Enter a Page Name and select a Page Type from the drop-down list.
  11. Click Save. The Pages tab displays. Repeat these steps until you have added all necessary pages to your configuration.
  12. Click Sort Pages. The Sort Pages dialog appears.
  13. Drag page names to change the page order within the list. Click Sort Alphabetically to list the pages in ABC order. Note that you cannot create nested pages or hierarchies in a Section Configuration.
  14. Click Save. The Pages tab displays.
  15. Click the Sharing Rights tab (optional). Limit who can use the section configuration by assigning users or groups of users. Note if no one is assigned, all Site, Subsite, and Channel Directors can use this configuration when creating new sections.
  16. Click Save. The Section Configurations window displays.