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Add Tag Filtering to a Tag-Enabled App

Add Tag Filtering to a Tag-Enabled App By: Sara Goss

Here’s how an editor adds tag filtering to a tag-enabled shared app they have placed on their page. Tagging is available for the Blog, Headlines & Features, Podcast and Premium Video apps.

  1. In Site Manager, navigate to and edit the page with the shared app. The page opens in Edit mode.
  2. Click on the app. A dialog displays indicating that the app is shared, it can only be edited in its original location, but you can add tag filtering.
  3. Click OK. The dialog is dismissed and the app options window opens on Tag Filtering.
  4. Click the drop-down arrow to see a complete list of tags used to categorize app records.
  5. Click a tag in the list and click Add. The tag you added displays in the filter list.
  6. Click Save when you have finished adding tags. You are returned to the app in Edit mode. Note that editors with whom an app is shared can place the shared app on multiple pages under their control. You can set different filter tags each time you add the shared app to a page.