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RSS Subscription and Feeds

RSS Subscription and Feeds By: Michael Kuzniar

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a standardized format that lets you subscribe to website content. The subscription is called a feed. You can subscribe to Web Community Manager apps that are RSS capable. Once you subscribe, you can view links to the content from your personalized service homepage.

When the RSS Feed option is activated for an app, an RSS Feed icon displays on the end-user website for it. When you click the icon, a window displays with information about RSS feeds and how to subscribe using a service (e.g., Yahoo and MSN). You must have an account with the service in order to subscribe. Click the add button for the service of your choice and follow the instructions the service provides to complete your subscription.

Once you subscribe the RSS reader, or aggregator, periodically checks the app for updates and downloads any it finds. Note that protected content does not display in the feed.