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Add a Recurring Event

Add a Recurring Event By: Michael Kuzniar

Here’s how you add a recurring event to a calendar.

  1. In Site Manager, navigate to the calendar to which you wish to add a recurring event.
  2. Click New Event. The New Event dialog displays.
  3. Enter an Event Title and modify the Start Date and Time so that it is set as the first event of your recurring series. Note that if you change the Start Date, the End Date changes to match the Start Date. At a minimum, you must enter an Event Title, Start Date and End Date.
  4. Click the Recurrence tab.
  5. Activate the Make this event recurring check box. The Recurrence tab displays Recurrence Pattern and Recurrence Range options.
  6. Select a recurrence pattern.
  7. Specify a recurrence range. You can end after a number of occurrences or specify an End by date. Note that the End by date is not included in the range - if you specify the 25th as the End date, the range actually ends at midnight on the 24th.
  8. Click Save. The calendar displays.