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Add a Record to the Headlines & Features App

Add a Record to the Headlines & Features App By: Michael Kuzniar

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Here's how you add a record to a Headlines & Features App.

  1. In Site Manager, navigate to the workspace containing the page with the app you wish to edit.
  2. Click Actions to the right of the page and select Edit Page from the drop-down list. The page opens in Edit mode.
  3. Click on the app. The app opens on the Summary tab.
  4. Click New Headline. The New Headline window displays.
  5. On the Headline tab, enter a title for the headline, which is a required field.
  6. You may enter Teaser Text, an Accent Image, Alt Text for the image as well as display Start and End dates and times.
  7. Use the Headline Body tab to enter headline detail.
  8. Use the Author tab to enter the name, phone number and email address of the author.
  9. Use the Viewers tab to limit who may view this Headlines & Features record. By default, all website visitors will see the record. To limit who may view the record, click the  Assign Group or Assign User buttons to search for and select specific users and groups.
  10. Use the Tags tab to enter a comma separated list of tags for this headline. Tagging allows for the categorizing and filtering records.
  11. Use the Activate on my page check box to change the status of the Headlines & Features record. By default, the check box is checked and the record is active on the page.
  12. Click Save. The headline is added and you are returned to the workspace.