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How Do I...? Tab FAQs

How Do I...? Tab FAQs By: Michael Kuzniar

Who can access the tab?

Any registered user who has access to Site Manager can access to the tab.

What resources are found on the tab?

When you click on the tab, a window displays where you access help articles, interactive tutorials and additional resources.

What are help articles?

Help articles are quick read documents that provide step-by-step instructions for completing an individual task such as adding a page to a section, enabling Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds for an app, and adding pictures to a Photo Gallery app. Some articles provide overview information and answer frequently asked questions about a topic.

What are interactive video tutorials?

Interactive video tutorials are three-to-five minute presentations that you watch to learn how to complete tasks such as adding a calendar event, moving a page, and creating a user account. As the tutorials are interactive, watch for and complete the action prompts you see.

What are additional resources?

Additional resources include guides, help cards, sample CSV files and workbooks.

  • Guides help you understand the components of Centricity2. Guides cover multiple tasks about a topic. There are guides for such topics as Site Administrator, Forms & Surveys and posting events to other calendars.
  • Help cards provide a quick reference for a topic. We have help cards for such topics as best practices for teacher sections, content moderation and calendar.
  • Sample CSV files provide a template to follow when you create import files for such tasks as importing users or importing family relationships
  • Workbooks provide instruction and exercises for a topic. We have workbooks for MiniBase and for Section Editors.

Can I download content found on the tab?

You cannot download help articles or interactive tutorials. You can download any additional resource by displaying the resource and then saving it to a location on your workstation. Keep in mind that resources are updated on a regular basis and that the copy you downloaded may no longer be current.

Can I print content found on the tab?

You can print help articles and any additional resource. For a help article, open the Print View and click Print Article. For an additional resource, display the resource and use the Print option.

Is content that is displayed on the tab context specific?

Yes, content that shows on the tab is dependent upon the workspace in which you are working when you click the How Do I…? tab. For example, if you are in the Users Workspace and click the tab, topics related to user accounts display. If you are in a channel workspace, topics related to the channel workspace display.

Can I search for specific topics on the tab?

You can search for specific topics. To filter for a particular resource, enter text into the search field.

When should I click the Suggest a Topic button?

Use Suggest a Topic to let us know of a topic for which you could not find any resource materials on the How Do I...? tab.

Should I use Suggest a Topic to submit support questions or feature requests to Blackboard?

DO NOT use Suggest a Topic to submit support questions or feature requests—Client Support never sees the information that you submit.

If you have a support question, contact your local help desk. If you are an authorized Web Community Manager contact for your district and require support, contact Blackboard following normal procedures.