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Apply an Editor Layout to a Page Type

Apply an Editor Layout to a Page Type By: Michael Kuzniar

Here's how you apply an Editor Layout to a Page Type containing a Flex Editor app.

  1. In Site Manager, expand CONFIGURE in the Content Browser.
  2. Click Section Assets. The Section Assets workspace opens on the Page Types tab.
  3. Edit a page type or create a new one. Click the New Page Type button and Save the record to create a new one.
  4. Click Design to the right of a page type you wish to edit. The Design dialog displays.
  5. Click Add App and select the Flex Editor App. The Add Flex Editor App dialog displays.
  6. From the Editor Layout Drop-Down list, select a layout.
  7. Click Save. You are returned to the Design dialog. You can add multiple apps to your page type. You can remove an app from the page type by clicking the "x" to the right of the app name.
  8. Click the white "x" at the top right of the Design dialog to close it. The Page Type tab displays.

Users who have been assigned sharing rights to a page type will see it as an option when they create a new page.