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Photo Gallery FAQs

Photo Gallery FAQs By: Michael Kuzniar

Why aren’t my photos showing on the website?

You haven’t published the Photo Gallery.

Why can’t I change the width of my Photo Gallery?

The width you set for your Photo Gallery determines how the photos are optimized when you upload them. Once the width of a Photo Gallery is set, it cannot be changed because the photos have been optimized to fit that width. Note that if you delete all the photos from your gallery, you will be able to reset the width of the gallery.

Can I download the photos in my Photo Gallery?

No. Photos cannot be downloaded from a Photo Gallery. Be sure to retain a copy of the images that you upload to the gallery.

When I create a Photo Gallery, why is it saved as Gallery Type Simple?

By default, when you create a Photo Gallery, it is saved with a Gallery Type of Simple—a mobile friendly format. You can edit the Photo Gallery options and choose Gallery Type Advanced. This option renders a JSON object which requires additional coding.