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Keeping your Sites and Sections in Good Order

Keeping your Sites and Sections in Good Order By: Michael Kuzniar

Whether you are a Site Director, Subsite Director, Homepage Editor, Channel Director or a Section Editor, you should strive to keep your website current. Here are some things you can do to achieve this goal.

For Administrators & Directors

1. Review and Update User Accounts

  • BEFORE you begin, run Export Users to create a backup CSV file.
  • Delete, permanently delete or at a minimum, inactivate user accounts no longer needed.
  • Use the LAST SIGN IN Column to help weed out old user accounts.
  • If using LDAP, review the user accounts on your LDAP server too.

2. Review and Update Group Categories and Groups

  • Delete or at a minimum, inactivate groups no longer used.
  • Consider creating a new Group Category and assign inactive groups to it.

3. Review and Update Section Assets

  • Review Page Types, Editor Layouts and Section Configurations.
  • Delete or at a minimum, inactivate assets no longer used.

4. Review and Update Calendar Assets

  • Review Event Categories and Collections.
  • Delete or at a minimum, inactivate collections no longer used.

5. Review and Update Editor Assignments and Passport Privileges

  • Run the Editors by Site report to see a list of current editors.
  • Review Site Directors, Subsite Directors, Homepage Editors, Channel Directors and Section Editors.
  • Remove director and editor assignments as necessary.
  • Verify that all editors have correct Passport privileges.

6. Review Site Sections

  • Move assets you wish to retain from sections no longer used.
  • Delete or at a minimum, inactive (or hide) sections no longer used.

For Administrators, Directors, and Editors

1. Review Section Pages

  • Review page content.
  • Delete, permanently delete or inactivate pages no longer used.

2. Review Files & Folders

  • Delete files no longer needed.

3. Review App Manager

  • Delete apps no longer in use.

4. Review Forms & Surveys

  • Export form response and save them to a CSV file.
  • Use Export to archive a form & survey to a zipped folder.
  • Delete or at a minimum, inactivate forms no longer used.
  • Administrators-Consider collecting items from popular forms & surveys and add them to Item Libraries.