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Organize Shortcuts in the Site Shortcuts App

Organize Shortcuts in the Site Shortcuts App By: Holly Vaughn

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Here's how you organize shortcuts in a Site Shortcuts App.

  1. In Site Manager, navigate to the workspace containing the page with the app you wish to edit.
  2. Click Actions to the right of the page containing the app and select Edit Page from the drop-down list. The page opens in Edit Mode.
  3. Click on the Site Shortcuts App. The app opens.
  4. Click Organize Links. The Organize Links window displays.
  5. There are two methods to organize shortcuts.
    • Click Sort Alphabetically to auto-sort your links in alphabetical order.
    • Drag and drop links to manually sort into the order you desire.
      • Release the link when the Green Bar displays to position the page in that location.
      • Release the link with the Green Circle with a plus sign displays to 'nest' the link.
  6. Click Save. The link order is updated and you are returned to the workspace.

Tip: To organize a link to the bottom of the list, first position it immediately above the existing last link. Then, move the existing last link above the desired last link.