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Add New Apps to a Page

Add New Apps to a Page By: Holly Vaughn

Here's how you add a new app to a page.

  1. In Site Manager, navigate to the workspace you would like to add a new app.
  2. Click Actions to the right of the page and select Edit Page from the drop-down list. The page displays in Edit Mode.
  3. Click Manage Apps & Layout in Actions. The page displays in Design Mode.
  4. Click Add App. The Available Apps window displays.
  5. Click on the App name or App icon you wish to add to the page.
  6. Accept the default app name or replace it with a more meaningful name.
  7. Click Save. The page displays in the Design Mode.
  8. Move the app to the desired location by dragging-and-dropping the app.
  9. Repeat these steps to add additional apps.
  10. Click I'm Done. The page displays in Edit Mode.

The new apps have been added to the page and are ready to be edited.

Tip: Naming your apps allow you to give each of your apps an meaningful headers on the end-user website. To display these headers, select Show the app name on my page in Options for the app.