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Add Channels to a Channel Bar

Add Channels to a Channel Bar By: Holly Vaughn

Here's how to add channels to a Site or Subsite Channel bar.

  1. In Site Manager, navigate to the site or subsite where you wish to add new channels.
  2. Select the Channels tab in the Site or Subsite Workspace.
  3. Click Assign Channel. The New Channel dialog displays.
  4. On the General tab:
    • Select a channel from the Channel Name drop-down menu (mandatory).
    • Enter Contact Information and the Calendar Notification Email for the Channel (optional).
  5. On the Advanced tab, enter a Friendly Web Address and select the appropriate Navigation and Additional Options for the Channel (optional).
  6. Click Save. The Channel is added to the bottom of the list and you are returned to the Channels tab of the Site or Subsite Workspace.

Note: Channel names must created in the Channel Library before assigning them to a Channel Bar. A Site Administrator has the ability to do this.

Note: New channels will not appear in the Channel Bar on the end-user website until you add Sections or activate the Channel Homepage.

Tip: Activating the Channel Homepage also activates a Channel Calendar. Enter the email address of the person responsible for this Calendar in the Calendar Notification Email field on the General tab. This email address will receive notifications of calendar event requests from editors wishing to post events to the Channel Calendar.