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Assign a Group of Users as Section Members

Assign a Group of Users as Section Members By: Holly Vaughn

Here's how you assign a group of users as members of a Section.

  1. In Site Manager, navigate to the Section Workspace you wish to add section members.
  2. Click the Membership tab. The Section Members window displays.
  3. Click Assign Group. The Add Group dialog appears.
  4. There are two methods to search for a Group.
    • Enter the name of the group you wish to assign as Section Members in the Search Field and click Search.
    • Filter Groups by using the Please choose a category... drop-down list. All Groups for that Group Category display.
  5. Click Select to the right of the group of users you wish to assign. The group displays in Selected Groups.
  6. To assign additional Section Members, search for or filter additional groups.
  7. Click Add. The Section Members window in the Membership tab displays with the name of the assigned group or groups.

Note: The Membership tab must be activated by a Site or Subsite Director.