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Export a MiniBase Configuration

Export a MiniBase Configuration By: Holly Vaughn

You can export the structure of a MiniBase app to import it somewhere else. When you export a MiniBase configuration, you are exporting a copy of the fields and the Custom View (if created). No records or data are included in the export file.

Here's how you export a MiniBase Configuration.

  1. In Site Manager, navigate to the workspace where the MiniBase is located.
  2. Click the Tools tab. The Tools window displays.
  3. Click MiniBase. The App Manager displays with the lists all MiniBases that reside within the current workspace.
  4. In the App Instances column, click the MiniBase you wish to export.
  5. In the Details column, click More.
  6. Select Export Configuration from the drop-down list.
  7. You will be advised that a zip file having the same name as your MiniBase instance will be created.
  8. Save the zip file to your workstation.
  9. Click I'm Done. You are returned to the Tools tab.

You have exported the MiniBase Configuration.

For more on the MiniBase App, read Work with the MiniBase App.