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Understand the Icons on a Calendar Event

Understand the Icons on a Calendar Event By: Holly Vaughn

Some events in the Calendar App display a symbol to the left of the Event Title. Here is a list that identifies the icons.

Registered Events - Calendar events that have enabled Registration will display a white check mark inside a black circle in both Site Manager and the end-user website.

Mandatory - Events on a Calendar App in the Site Workspace can be forced onto every other Calendar App within your Site and Subsites. When the Mandatory check box is active, a white exclamation point inside a black triangle displays on the Site Workspace Calendar.

Locked Events - If an event appears in a Calendar App that created somewhere else (i.e., was shared from another Calendar), the event will display a white padlock inside a black circle icon within Site Manager. To edit a locked event, you must navigate to where the event was created.