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Register for a Calendar Event

Register for a Calendar Event By: Sara Goss

Here is how to register for a calendar event as an end user. 

  1. Navigate to the website by entering the website address (URL) in your browser address bar. 
  2. Click Sign In on the MyStart bar. 
  3. Enter your User Name and Password. 
  4. Click Sign In. The screen refreshes and you see the site homepage. 
  5. Access the calendar on which the registered event displays. Registered events are flagged with a Checkmark icon 
  6. Click on the event for which you wish to register. The Event Information window displays. 
  7. Click Register. The Registration window displays. 
  8. Answer any registration questions associated with the event. 
  9. Click Register Now. The calendar displays as the active page and you are registered for the event.