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Add a Link to an Image in a Content App

Add a Link to an Image in a Content App By: Sara Goss

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Here is how to apply a link to an image in a Content App. 

  1. Click the Insert Image icon. 
  2. Using the Insert Image Wizard, select the location of the image. You can upload an image from your computer or network; insert an image you have already uploaded to your Files & Folders; insert an image that is uploaded to the Shared Library; or insert an image from the Clipart Library. 
  3. If uploading an image from your computer or network, browse and select the image you would like to insert. 
  4. When you are uploading an image, you can choose the size of the image to be inserted. 
  5. Click Continue
  6. Enter a description of the image in the Alternative Text field. 
  7. You can adjust the image as necessary. 
  8. Click the Insert Image icon.  The Insert Image Wizard displays.
  9. Insert an image using the Insert Image Wizard.
  10. Highlight the image you wish to apply a link to.
  11. Click the Insert/Edit Link icon. The Insert Link Wizard displays.
  12. Create your link using the Insert Link Wizard.
  13. Click Save.