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Create a Section

Create a Section By: Sara Goss

Here’s how you add a Section. 

  1. In Site Manager, navigate to the Channel Workspace to which you wish to add a section to.
  2. Select the Summary tab in the Channel Workspace. 
  3. Click New Section. The New Section window displays on the General tab. 
  4. Enter Section and Menu Name. 
  5. Choose a Section Configuration. 
  6. Add contact information if you like. 
  7. Click the Advanced tab. Advanced tab options display. 
  8. Create a Friendly Web Address for the section if you like. 
  9. If you like you can map the section to an internal section or an external website. Enter a full web address or in the Map Section to Web Address field or Browse your site. 
  10. You can hide the section from navigation, turn page navigation on and off, allow navigation images, enable classic hierarchy, display the last modified date for pages and restrict formatting within the Editor for all apps in the section. 
  11. Click Save.You can continue to add individual sections into channels on your site.