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  • How Do I...? Tab FAQsHow Do I...? Tab FAQs Frequently asked questions about the How Do I...? tab. Updated November 2016. Key words: frequently, asked, questions, help card, guide, CSV, workbook, interactive, tutorial, suggest, topic, support, request Author: Michael Kuzniar

Additional Resources

  • App & Page Types Help CardApp & Page Types Help Card Provides a brief description for each of the app types as well as examples of when you use them. Since most default page types consist of a one-column page layout that contains a single app, it also covers each page type. Which apps are available to you depends on your district's contract and the implementation decisions made by your district. Updated December 2016. Key words: App, Page, Page type, Create Page, Teacher page, Share app, Social Media, Announcements, Headlines, Features, Site Shortcuts, Upcoming events, About teacher, Alumni, Announcements, Article Library, Assignments, Blank, Basic, Blog, Book list, Calendar, Discussion, Files Library, Link library, Maps, Photo, Directions, Q & A, Questions, Answers, Wiki, Department Homepage, Teacher Homepage, School, Staff, Table.
  • Assignments App Help CardAssignments App Help Card Learn how to add an Assignments Page to your workspace and use the Assignments App. Associate it with a Calendar App to and display assignments on their due dates. Updated December 2016.Key words: Assignments, Homework, Put assignments on calendar, add to calendar, Assignment App.
  • Back To School Help CardBack To School Help Card Provides Site Directors and Section Editors information to prepare for the new school year. June 2016. Key words: Section Editor, Teacher, Staff, Director, homepage editor, group, passport,user.
  • Calendar App Help CardCalendar App Help Card Covers importing events, managing event categories, creating events, creating registered events, posting assignments, sharing events and navigating the calendar on the end-user website. Updated November 2016. Key words: calendar, import, categories, event, registered, post assignments, end-user website, category, share, homework, registered event, ical, export, calendar view.
  • Content App Help CardContent App Help Card Covers how to use the Content App. January 2017. Key words: Content app, edit page, edit content app, add link, add image, add image link, add bullets, add bulleted list, add numbers, add numbered list, add special characters, spell check, activeblock, active block .
  • Content Moderation Help CardContent Moderation Help Card Covers how to set up content moderation Groups as well as how to edit content that will be moderated and moderate content. Key words: content group, new content group, moderated user, add user, ad group, moderated group, approval, approve, decline, review, view, content group workspace, workspace.
  • Imagery Help CardImagery Help Card Explains how to insert images and manipulate images in Centricity and covers some cool ways you can use images. Updated November 2016.Key words: image, picture, photo, photos, edit photo, edit picture, edit image, insert image, insert picture, insert photo, alignment, accent image, border, image border, image link, link.
  • Managing Users Help CardManaging Users Help Card Use this card as a guide when working with user accounts. It is quick reference for how to add, update, import, unlock and delete users. It also tells you about the Recycle Bin. November 2016. Key words: add, update users, import, recycle bin, delete, lock, password, remove, edit, change, new, create, importing, restore, delete by group, mass delete, mass add, unlock, locked, user maintenance .
  • Pages & Apps Help CardPages & Apps Help Card Explains the relationship between pages and apps. Provides step-by-step directions for creating pages, changing page options and page layouts, working with apps, including setting app options and using App Manager. Updated January 2017. Key words: Page, App, Add page, Create page, Design page, Add app, Layout, Put app on a page, App options, App Manager, Delete app, Remove app, Edit app, Edit page, App name, Share app.
  • Passports Help CardPassports Help Card Explains the extended privileges, such as creating and editing templates that you can assign to users in addition to any editing privileges they have in Centricity. Also covers how to to assign passports to users. Updated December 2016. Key words: Passport, Users, Permissions, Group, New passport, Edit passport, Privileges, Edit privileges, Content Moderation, LDAP, Manage apps, Manage channels, Manage collections, Manage sites, Manage passkeys, Manage templates, Manage system, settingsManage universal, connector, e-alert, assets.
  • Photo Gallery Help CardPhoto Gallery Help Card Explains how to add a Photo Gallery Page, add a Photo Gallery App to a page and upload, edit and sort your images. In addition, this Help Card covers how to edit your Photo Gallery App Options and share your Photo Gallery with other editors on your site. Updated November 2016. Key words:Photo gallery, Picture, Image, Add photo gallery, Add photo, Add image, Sort photo, Edit image, Edit photo, Edit options, Share photo, Share photo gallery, Hyperlink image, Link photo, Link, Add link.
  • Recommended Practices for Teacher Pages Help CardRecommended Practices for Teacher Pages Help Card This Help Card discusses top elements of effective teacher pages. Updated December 2016. Key words: Teacher page, Teacher section, create page, Font, Scrolling, Text, Files, Copy, Paste, About Teacher, Links, Spell Check, Blog, File size, Tables, Photo, Apps, Layout, App Options.
  • Section Editor Help CardSection Editor Help Card Provides a quick reference for Section Editors as they work on the web pages in their sections. Explains how to access sections and covers each of the three blocks on the Summary tab: Current Pages Block, Common tools Block, Pending Comments Block and Total Visits Block. Gives brief instructions on adding and editing pages and app as well as how to organize pages, change page layouts, add or delete apps and restore or permanently delete pages from the Recycle Bin. Explains how to add Section Editors and Viewers. June 2016. Key words: section editors, viewers, delete, page, layout, organize pages, adding and editing pages, current pages block, common tools block, pending comments, total visits, approve, decline, view, editor, teacher, staff, app name, new, create, delete, app, edit page, new page, move page, move a page, rename page.
  • Site Administrator Help CardSite Administrator Help Card Provides information on tasks frequently performed by Site Directors, including managing users, channels and sections as well as working with calendars, homepages and e-alerts. Updated: November 2016. Key words: site manager, manage users & groups, assigning rights, privileges, adding content, administrator, channel, homepage, site workspace, settings, comments, commenting, add user, edit user, change user, create user, passwords, passport, import, groups, site director, viewers, add section, move section, create section, delete section, edit homepage, e-alerts.
  • Video Attachments Help CardVideo Attachments Help Card Shows you how to add and manage video attachments when working with the Article Library, Assignment, Blog and Headlines & Features Apps. December 2016. Key words: Article Library, Assignment,Blog, Headlines & Features, upload, link, seek bar